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Financial articles to help personally and professionally guide you for a successful financial future.

How to Navigate Our New Website

At NexTier Bank, our customers have always been our priority. We’ve created this online experience with both our...

Saving & Budgeting

How to Balance a Checkbook

Balancing your checkbook helps you catch fraudulent activity faster, budget automatic transactions, and avoid bouncing...

Privacy & Security

Don’t Fall Victim: 3 Real Stories of Identity Theft

Identity theft is the only crime where the victim must prove their innocence. It happens to thousands of people around...

Home Ownership

Mortgages Defined

Whether you’re a seasoned home buyer, or this is your first home purchase, our experts are here to make the process...

Home Ownership

Let the Home Shopping Begin

There may be an uptick in renting in larger cities, but home-ownership may be a better deal for the average person...

Saving & Budgeting

Establish Positive Money Habits

You might have ambitious money goals and reaching them feels impossible. Taking small steps today can lead to financial...

Managing Credit & Debt

Understanding Your Credit Score

Your credit score can determine if you’re approved for a loan, your interest rate, and in some cases, insurance...

Saving & Budgeting

Creating a Personal Budget

There are options when it comes to creating, tracking, and monitoring a budget. One of the oldest methods for budgeting...

Saving & Budgeting

Long-Term Savings Options Explained

Long-term saving can offer you financial stability when you need it the most and may even have some tax advantages now.

Small Business

Financing Your Small Business

Banks like NexTier Bank specialize in funding existing businesses with things like working capital, equipment loans,...